Pygmy Goat

Vetting Cards

The base #refugee card game set comes with 220 Vetting Cards. Every Vetting Card is unique-- there are no duplicates.

Each card has a point value, ranging from -4 to +4, in the upper left corner.  When attached to a Refugee Card, the point value is contributes to the overall vetting score of the refugee seeking entry. A refugee is considered fully vetted when three Vetting Cards have been assigned to him/her. Fully vetted refugees are admitted into the country unless otherwise effected by one or more Action Cards.

At the top of the card is the name of the Vetting Card. Vetting Cards can be one of three things: an object; an occupation; or a disposition.

Example possessions: Ragdoll, Opium, Monkey Wrench.

Example occupations: Teacher, Drug Dealer, Taxi Driver.

Example dispositions: Personal Debt, Nervous, Religious Fanatic.

Not everyone will agree on the point values assigned to the Vetting Cards but we feel this allows the players to engage in discussion about certain aspects of the vetting process. Feel free to even personalize your own set of cards by taking a marker or pen and writing in your own point values for cards.

Kickstarter: 20 of the Vetting Cards were set aside as backer rewards which allowed our backers a chance to lend their input and creativity into the game. See the Kickstarter when it is live for more information.