Hana Park

Refugee Cards

The base #refugee card game set comes with 40 Refugee Cards representing 4 regions of the world: North America, Asia, The Middle East, and Central America. Future expansions will cover 4 other regions: South America, Africa, Europe and Australia.

The primary purpose of the Refugee Cards is to show that there is no way to make a decision when all you know is:

  1. their name;
  2. their country of origin; and
  3. what they look like.

We have all seen instances of names on the "no-fly" list which cause others with similar names to be detained or delayed.  Like-wise, in recent news, we have seen travel bans put in place based on country of origin.  Finally, there is the ever-present discrimination that comes with simply the way people look or present themselves.

#refugee has been designed in such a way that there are no penalties attributed to any particular refugee based on their country of origin. Instead, there are equally distributed Vetting Cards which provide a benefit to refugees in the form of an "Origin Bonus."  When the color of the country of origin bar matches the colored bar on a Vetting Card, a +2 vetting point bonus is awarded. We've chosen to add this component because when refugees come to a country, they bring parts of their life with them.