Kickstarter Round 2

The recent Kickstarter campaign made it to right around $2,500 fairly organically. We did some Facebook boosting and we attended Dreamation 2018, but other than that it was spamming posts on Twitter. We wanted to see if the idea of #refugee card game cold stand on it’s own. We ended up getting 56 backers. There were backers from 8 other countries outside the United States.  Of these backers, we only knew about 12 of them through being friends, via Facebook or via a convention we may have met at.  So, from this point of view, we view it as a success.


What now?

We are taking some time to think about how we want to approach the future of #refugee card game. The three major ideas here are:
1) Relaunch at $2,000 and cover the rest ourselves in order to get it printed. We can always hope that it goes to $3,000 or more.
2) Don’t relaunch the game, just front the printing costs entirely ourselves. We would then just do direct sales. This is rough because a few thousand dollars is nothing to shake a stick at for a first time, self-publisher.
For these two options, international shipping is effected.
The major down side of this is that we lose the economy of scale when it comes to international shipping costs. We would have to bundle two copies of the game together to make it worth while given some international shipping rates. France, Germany, Sweden for example is $33 via first class international package. Netherlands, on the other hand is over $60, so maybe we would need to bundle three copies to make it worthwhile.


3) Try to partner with an organization that serves the refugee population. This would involve re-tooling the message again to be in-line with the partnered organization. For example, Save the Children helps provide education to refugee children. The flavor text of the game would center in on this specific sub-topic of refugees.
Let us know what you think.
There have been some of you already that have contacted us about buying a copy of the game now. We have Beta copies of the game that are very playable and come with a box and custom acrylic die. The low production quantity makes it a expensive. We can sell some of these for $30 + $7 shipping (in U.S.). Just message us if you are interested in buying a copy directly.

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