Baltimore Comic Con 2017

Baltimore Comic Con was a huge success for Forstle LLC.  We were in Artist Alley and had the privilege to be situated between two great vendors: Animated Visions and Jessian Press.

Baltimore Comic Con 2017 Table

Although the show started on Friday, the real action started on Saturday. We were able to churn through demos of #refugee the card game. We had a high rate of demo-to-sale conversions. Even though this semi-final print-run came in zip-lock bags (no box or instructions) we managed to sell out! We thank everyone who purchased copies on Saturday. Buying a copy of the game is the ultimate form of support; it helps us to continue improving and promoting the game.

One encounter at the event stood out and lent some validation to the premise of the game. A gentleman approached for a demo. After a few rounds and after a few refugees had been resolved, I played Political Instability on his country. There was a pause as he considered the card, so I asked if he had a question. He replied solemnly, “This reminds me of back at home.” To experience this first-hand meant a lot and confirmed the game’s design.

We have made some edits based on feedback from everyone at the event, and are happy to report that we have ordered over three times as many copies to continue promoting and selling! This time, we even ordered the game with BOXES! Yes! If you are interested in a beta copy from this print run, send us a message through our Facebook page. We can’t sell them all, since we need them for game reviewers and conventions.

In addition to the game, we were also promoting our book from our first Kickstarter: Put Your F***ing Phone Away! It’s on sale on Amazon right now if you want to get a few copies for the holidays!

My 12-year-old daughter, Mei-Mei, was able to sell a fairly good number of her glass-bottle necklaces, hand-made Goomballs, and painted rocks. The other vendors were exceptionally outgoing, offering her entrepreneurial advice and encouragement. She did well and is definitely looking forward to next year!

#goomballs and #refugee #cardgame

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Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table this year! See you all next year!

Animated Visions is an awesome artist by the name of Trish Forstner. She is super talented and is all about My Little Pony art. Jessian Press is the work of Nathaniel Goldman and his unique Henry Chimpman series of books about a chimpanzee set on exposing the secrets of the space program!

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