Natural Disaster

Action Cards

The base #refugee card game set comes with 40 Action Cards that can affect the status of refugees and/or where they must migrate to.

The base set contains the following Action Cards:

  1. Natural Disaster
  2. Shelter
  3. Outbreak
  4. Inoculation
  5. Immigration Court
  6. Grant of Asylum
  7. War
  8. Political Instability
  9. Fake News
  10. Alternative Facts
  11. Open Borders
  12. Closed Borders

Action Cards are brutal, swift, and can change the course of an entire game. You, as a player, have to decide whether to stockpile them up or use them as soon as possible.

Action Cards are also inspired by real events and can help foster a conversation about the dangers we all face and how we can help mitigate them.


Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to describe how Action cards are played is to have players say, "But wait, this happens first."  This means that if player A plays the first Action card of the turn, the second player to play an action card would respond to the first Action card in the context of, "But wait, this happens first." This is very similar to the way Instants are played in Magic: the Gathering.

An example would be: Player A plays Natural Disaster and targets a Refugee card owned by Player B.  Player B responds by playing

Natural Disaster
Immigration Court
Grant of Asylum
Political Instability
Fake News
Alternative Facts
Open Borders
Closed Borders