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We didn't make our funding goal, but things are not over just yet.

What is #refugee card game?

#refugee card game is a 2-4 player, turn-based strategy card game in which players assume the roles of countries attempting to address an acute global influx of refugees. Players take turns discovering certain facts and pieces of information about each refugee. Leveraging this knowledge, players then make choices on how best to manage the effects that these refugees will have on the security of their borders and countries. #refugee card game affords players flexibility the form of alternate win-conditions as well as ad-hoc collaboration in games with more than 2 players. Will you try to allow as many refugees as possible into your country or will you try to eliminate your opponents by redirecting “undesirable” refugees away from your borders?

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#refugee exemplifies the notion that we should not make judgements about people based on their country of origin.

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The #refugee action card system provides a fast-paced, strategic component and provides infinite re-playability.

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#refugee leaves game play open with a wide array of Vetting cards used to learn more about the people seeking entry into your country.

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